Examples of deals

Examples of Family Business Operations(*)
Sale of 32% share block of a family holding listed on the French
Market, for 45 M€. Family was the main owner of company since the
Sale of a Holding company owning 60% of a listed company. The
holding was controlled by a family backed by financial investors.
Company was sold to a multinational group listed on NYSE.
Sale of a company after the sudden death of its owner :manager. A
complementary activity housed in the same premise was sold to a
family member. Main activity wa sold as an MBI with private equity
investors and another family member investing back into the company
as a minority shareholder.
Acquisition by a family group of a spanish company itself controlled by
two families.
Acquisition of a family business with one member under guardianship.

(*) All the operations presented in this document have been realized by the founding partner either within AR Partners or in collaboration with other advisory firms.

Examples of operations with financial investors
Acquisition by a company under LBO of another one by a leveraged
montage (Leveraged build up)
Sale as an OBO of a company already partially owned by Management.
Sale as a LBO by a multinational food company of a chemical product
plant. Sold to a US Fund.
Sale of company owned by a UK financial group to a German group
under LBO.